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Friday, October 24, 2014

Leavenworth Golf Course

Blessed with good weather for most of the week this was looking south over the golf course. Done in a Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook with a watercolor wash or two......

Leavenworth, WA.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bodega Bay, Ca.

Driving up to the Bodega Head was fun... but the parking lot is small.... and filled up rather quickly! It was a bit crowded due to the Summer time visitors. I'll have to revisit again in sometime in the Fall.

So I decided to drive back down the hill and over to the Marina. Didn't find anything that caught my attention at Spud Point Marina but found a nice spot at the Porto Bodega Marina. I had set up my gear .... and it suddenly started to RAIN! Typical weather along this part of the coast.... So I packed up, parked and painted some studies from my car. 

(top) View at the entrance of  Marina - a boat parked in front of large lush trees. 
(bottom) Squeezed in one more study of a hillside behind one of the vacation homes.
(Gouache studies 4"x6" each in sketchbook) 

Well that was my plein air adventure along the northern California coast! 
I may try for another farm or maybe winery next paintout :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

California Poppies

Went for a hike and came across these Golden Poppies growing between these cluster of rocks.

(7" x 10" Watercolors on Watercolor board)

For the past month I would see these bright orange flowers blooming along the North Bay freeway. If you haven't seen or heard of this flower it's call the "California Poppy" but also goes by "Golden Poppy" and "Cup of Gold". It's the California State Flower.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Gone Fishing - Petaluma, Ca.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Here's a snapshot from a recent paintout at a fishing pond in Sonoma County.

The hike was pleasant and the pond was quite easy to find. It was so fun to see all the fall leaves in the background and the 2 families fishing on both sides of the pond. Already looking forward to returning and hiking to the opposite side of the trail and maybe paint one of the vista views.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Psychic Barber in West Seattle

I went with my husband to the Psychic Barber in West Seattle.  He's a great barber, but he's not really psychic.  As he tells it, he once shared a building with a psychic and they both had their signs in the window.  People assumed, and took it from there.  He became known as the Psychic Barber.  The psychic moved out, leaving the sign behind.  He took the sign with him when he eventually moved to a new spot.  He is closed Sundays and Mondays, and prefers you make an appointment.

This is a quick pen and ink sketch with a little watercolor splashed on.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

C and P Coffee in West Seattle

I love this little coffee place.  It's in an old bungalow in West Seattle, right on California Avenue.  The inside is very interesting, especially the original tiled fireplace.  But I'm partial to old houses.
There were people singing and playing a banjo while I was there.  Always something going on.
And the coffee is good.

Here's a little sketch of the outside, front entrance from the side.

Go there:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pt. Reyes Vineyards - Summer Rain!

(Watercolors on 12" x 16" waterboard) 

Took a day trip up to Pt Reyes with my wife. It's normally about a 45 minute drive ... unless there's RAIN..... which makes it that much more dangerous when driving through Lucas Valley's curvy roads. Luckily it rained only the first part of the day... which allowed me to park and set up.

During this type of weather I'll have to find some coverage.... in this case my SUV trunk door! As for views, the options are limited by the fog and misty air. I walked around and scoped the area.... off to the distance I spotted a barn.... and a truck loaded with hay!

Usually around this time I have to work fast because of the summer heat.... but working wet on wet with these low temperatures requires some patience to allow the watercolors to dry. I've always had a hard time approaching misty skies and usually over-work the painting.... but I think I captured the atmosphere and how the day felt from Sunday's paintout :)