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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park - Kenwood, CA

Found a great spot off one of the trails and decided to set up in front of water running down rocks and into the creek. The bad part about this paintout was the MOSQUITOES!

(9" x 12" Gouache on Watercolor board)

Sugarloaf is on the list of 70 parks in California scheduled to close down this July.... that means no more pubic access for hikers and... plein air painters!!! For now there is an Assembly Bill No.42 that would grant access for non-profits to enter operating agreements with State Parks without having to go through the legislative process. Here's a link to more info on the park closures: [link]


  1. Gerald, what a beautiful painting! And tragic pending loss of access. Does your plein air group have nonprofit status? Do you have an Urban Sketchers group there? (The international blog is a nonprofit.) Best of luck with this, keep us posted!

  2. Hi Beth, thanks a bunch :)

    Unfortunately we don't have a non-profit status and we don't have a Sonoma Urban Sketch group either. But with the recent park closure announcement it has sparked conversation.... which is a good start. Cheers!

  3. There was an article earlier this week where a gentleman has helped raise $10,000 by collection donations from 7 different Nor-Cal parks. Amazing job!!!