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Friday, March 18, 2011

Young's Restaurant in White Center

Had a nice lunch in White Center at Young's Restaurant.  Here's the semi-blind contour drawing I did.  Usually I try to get it finished before the food arrives, but there was too much detail - I was still drawing and painting the watercolor well into the meal.  My husband finished his sandwich, while I was just starting into my Chinese food.  And I love Hot and Sour soup, too!


  1. great sketch, Terry! and your commentary makes me feel better about my obsessions. I seem to spend a lot of mealtime painting, trying not to dip the brush in my drinking water...

  2. HA! I have to admit, also, to almost dipping my brush into my drinking water. I'm so bad, though, I take an ice cube out of the glass and set it on the table and let it melt and use it. I try not to leave a big mess for the wait staff. They must think I'm just nuts.